Behind Enemy Lines – The Untold Story

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Go behind the scenes as Police battle Activists and American Citizens, ultimately suppressing Freedom of Speech at the Y2K Democratic National Convention. This untold story provides a snap shot of similar events, even today, that continue to trouble the hearts and minds of people around the world today. This film tells the story of how it all happened.

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  • vlatko milovanovic

    who is Vlatko?

  • Guest

    Hey oddsr, I got kicked off Top Documentary Films site! Jesus haha, I cannot comment anymore.  Vlatko went ballistic at around a dozen of us, all 9/11 related, and censored us all, and from what I can see... thousands of comments. He changed the site so commenting is a castrated version of itself as well.  Email me is you want at go have a beer in Toronto... Jesus eh, kind of funny stuff.

  • Guest

    huh?  It's the Left wing democratic convention.... or did you even watch it?

  • WeNeedWinsWWFC

    oh my god..biassed hard left propaganda much

  • WeNeedWinsWWFC

    oh my god..biassed hard left propaganda much

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