Alien Fireballs

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It was a real-life Alien Fireball and one of the best-documented meteorite falls  in history.  A stunning sphere of fire hurtled toward Earth and was captured by  a vast network of specialized technology.  Now, the race is on to recover minute  fragments that may help explain the origins of life on Earth.  Meanwhile, at  NASA’s Johnson Space Center, scientists question if a controversial space rock  from Mars will provide evidence of life elsewhere in the universe A clear, Friday night in Ontario, Canada. A flaming fireball lights up the night sky as it streaks to Earth. It could carry with it secrets about the origins of our Solar System or evidence of life on other planets. But in order to study it, scientists first need to find it. At the University of Western Ontario, planetary scientists capture the entire event using a sophisticated network of specialized cameras, radar and listening equipment aimed at the heavens. This event may be the best documented meteorite fall in history. Now, scientists plot a search area and mount a team to hunt for it. The race is on, to find Earths latest visitor.

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  • Shaun RosbifFrog

    A great documentary. I'd love to find a meteorite. I always fascinated with them and if they are the reasons for life here on Earth and possibly other places in the Universe.

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