Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed

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In Alchemy - Sacred Secrets Revealed we take an in-depth look at this most Sacred Science, what are some of the myths, and how it relates to consciousness and spirituality. Alchemy has been shrouded in mystery and kept out of new adepts hands by secret societies, hermetic and fraternal orders for centuries. We drive a detailed look at historical past and practical application of this most sanctified scientific discipline. Much of Alchemy is misinterpreted and covered in enigma here in magical and brotherly orders, it is our destination to ravel out alot of the facets that rest secret behind established history. In this film, we focus primarily on the spiritual aspects of Alchemy and Hermeticism.

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  • Gero2006

    "Prepare to embark on a ... " What did that guy just say? An 'exciting mystery'? Is he joking? The ding dang dong music is bad but the narration by someone who sounds like an undead zombie who suffers from depression and has taken a short break from his job as an undertaker to focus on his hobby as a taxidermist has to be the worst. I could stay awake after the first three minutes. Maybe they could turn this crud into pure documentary gold but I, for one, will not be hanging around to find out. Hu-wee! Dull? Can we give minus points?

  • Guest

    An interesting subject destroyed by the ding dong dang dung chimes throughout. 

  • Jackko


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