A Diet For All Reasons

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In this convincing 1-hour presentation, Dr. Michael Klaper, M.D. explores and explains the relationship between diet and health. From the benefits of plant-based foods to the deleterious effects of meat and dairy-laden diets and their relation to disease, Klaper's down-to-earth approach makes the subject very accessible and interesting. Michael Klaper, M.D. is the Director of the Institute for Nutrition Education and Research, a nonprofit organization that provides seminars for physicians and other health professionals on utilizing nutrition in therapy and prevention of disease. Klaper gives public lectures throughout North America, frequently appearing on radio and television. He is also a consultant to numerous corporations and their Wellness programs.

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  • Lorhen

    the sound does not mute totally, you can still hear what he is saying..
    raising your own beef or not, there is still too much fat and protein in it to be healthy..

  • Pennymanynames

    Of course commercial meat is unhealthy. It's filled with chemicals and hormones and pumped with toxic feed and butchered just before their livers would give out and they'd die. They never know the energetics of being loved and cared for. They are abused and treated as a dollar number. I raise my own organic happy beef. I thank them for their life and they live in health, nature and happiness for their 2 years. I love them and if it wasn't for this purpose they'd have no opportunity for a life here on earth at all. We take their life energy and raise their consciousness.

  • Ez

    How old is this?

  • Sinyorita_99

    Why does the sound mute just at the point where he is about to announce what he finds in the scientific  books...Hmmmmm??Fishy!!!

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