9/11 The Explosive Reality

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Compelling compilation of tons of rare and partly unseen news footage of 9/11.

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  • Guest

    The buildings, including Bldg 7, were brought down by small tactical nukes put on about every-other floor.  It's the only source of energy that accounts for the way the buildings came down and the residual massive heat in the basements.  While cutting charges of thermate may have been used also, there is no way thermate could have been the only source of destructive energy. 

    For more on 'why' check out Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock's recent postings.

  • Ramus

    So you think a guy in a cave on the other side of the world did it? You obviously have not researched into this as many people blabbed, including members of the FBI and CIA, the French also tried to warn the US of impending attack. You must watch alot of Fox programs - im afraid it is YOU who is the brainwashed zombie. Do research before you make comments.

  • Ay

    inside job, how the building collapse controled demolition
    nice hollywood movie ....

  • chadlen

    the U.S. government 'allowed' it to happen.

  • Paul

    Load of rubbish so many of you are brainwashed into believing this was done by the US goverment. Just not possible that someone wouldnt have blabbed by now. Wake up you are so blind to the truth. Appeasers of islam.

  • Anon

    The internet is our safehaven. For now, it is one of the only places that we can share the truth and spread knowledge world wide. It is a great resource that we all need to use in order to open our eyes. What is need is one website where we can all unite and get all of our ideas, thoughts, and beliefs out all together. This can help unite everyone as one to form and organize for change. We need change NOW, and this is the next step! REGISTER NOW http://united.lifeme.net/forum.htm

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