9/11: State of Emergency

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This feature-length drama-documentary tells the story of 9/11 in the words of key political and military leaders as well as ordinary people who suddenly found themselves on the frontlines of a new kind of war. In the chaos of the day, many people faced split-second decisions that they had never expected or planned for - and their actions could make the difference between life and death. Through a minute-by-minute investigation, this film tells the story of those whose choices would help shape the outcome of that fateful day. A range of people - some very famous, some very private - whose decisions would turn out to be key, discuss what they did and why as they reflect on how they responded to the extraordinary test that was 9/11. Top government officials speak candidly for the first time on camera of their frustration and confusion; from political leaders to generals and cabinet members struggling to keep up with what was unfolding. The film also reveals the emotional stories of ordinary men and women - air force pilots, fire chiefs and relatives of hijacked passengers - who also faced unprecedented challenges such as finding the right phone number for the FBI to report that a plane had been hijacked. 9/11 is treated as a whole; a single event. Interweaving exclusive stories from key players and archive and original footage, this intense and insightful film explores America's greatest test of the modern age. The film features interviews with Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Andrew Card (Chief of Staff to President Bush), air traffic controllers, F-16 pilots, family members of the Flight 93 passengers, and survivors and rescuers from the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

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